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Model Model Origin 702 Nude Brazilian Human Hair Freedom Lace Part Wig #NATURAL

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MATERIAL: Human Hair

TYPE: Lace Part Wig




  • Perm
  • Color
  • Bleach
  • Free Part
  • 360 Baby Hair
  • Mesh Breathable Cap


  • Before washing hair, brush out all tangles starting from the bottom and working up to the weft
  • For curly hair: Do not brush. Finger comb to remove all tangles
  • Fill the sink or a large container with lukewarm water and add shampoo
  • Swish the wig in shampoo water and wash gently
  • Conditioner is a must after shampooing to add softness and restore moisture
  • Gently squeeze excess water out of the wig. Do not rub or twist the wig.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Place the wig on a wig stand and let air dry
  • Hair may lose its original curl pattern after washing, To restore curls, wash the hair thoroughly to remove any product build-up. Use heated styling tools or rods to achieve curls
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