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Self-Adhesive Neck Strips Roll | Disposable Neck Paper Strips

Don’t leave clients neck deep in gunk and germs. Protect ‘em with our barber neck strips.  

As you know, loose hair and liquids get everywhere during a haircut. Even when you’ve covered your client with a cape and towel, there’s still a chance of getting his neck wet or stained. So offer an extra level of protection that’ll give you both peace of mind. Level 3 premium neck strips cling to the skin like a shield against stray hairs and chemical products. Pre-cut and self-adhesive, they’re unbelievably easy to use. The paper is non-toxic and stretchy for safety and comfort, and also disposable because hygiene is important.

Key Features

  • Prevent skin contact with hair, sweat, liquids, dyes, and germs
  • Self-adhesive paper clings to the skin and stays put while you cut
  • Conveniently pre-cut and perforated strips stretch to fit all neck sizes
  • Soft on skin and non-irritating, while being flexible to ensure comfort
  • Made of non-toxic material and disposable for optimal hygiene

Why It’s a Game-Changer

These neck strips are for barbers who care about their clients and take genuine pride in their work. That’s you, right? Well check out the benefits of these strips. They take literally seconds to apply, thanks to the pre-cut, self-adhesive paper that stretches to fit any neck size. The strip forms a barrier that traps loose hair and prevents products from staining your client’s neck or collar. When you’re done creating the perfect style, simply toss out the strip.

Paper neck strips provide an extra layer of protection during a haircut. Designed to work alongside a cape and towel, the strips stop falling hair from getting under your client’s collar. We all know how irritating loose hair can be. The strips also prevent hair dye, bleach, and colored hair gel from staining your client’s neck or clothing. When things heat up, the strips absorb perspiration, so your client feels comfortable, and you can work freely. And because hygiene is a priority, the strips limit contact between your client’s skin and any germs lingering on the cape or towel.

That’s what the strips do, but how do they work? These are neck strips with adhesive, so application is super-simple. Even when you’re on the clock, you can easily tear off a strip from the pre-cut roll and stick it to your client’s neck. While you work, the water-resistant strip will stay put, absorbing and protecting and generally being awesome. The high-quality, non-toxic material is durable but soft and flexible for comfort. The strips stretch to fit any age or neck size and are designed to be tossed in the trash when you’re done.

If you’re a barber, neck tape is a key piece of protective kit for your clients. The strips minimize the risk of irritating and staining your client’s skin, ensuring his comfort and peace of mind in the chair. Level 3 strips are easy to apply, so you can just stick ‘em on and get stylin’. Your only dilemma is choosing which color to get.

Includes: 5 rolls with 100 sheets per roll. Available in 5 colors.

How to Use

  • Tear off a section long enough to cover the entire neck area
  • Stretch the strip as necessary when applying it to the neck
  • The self-adhesive strip will stick to the neck securely

Works Great With…

For the most effective protection, use these Neck Strips with the Level 3 Professional Hair Cutting Cape. Made of breathable polyester, the cape offers superior resistance to water, hair dyes, and other hairdressing chemicals.

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