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  • Our mannequin heads have a standard head size, ensuring a snug fit when wearing wigs, eliminating any loose feeling, and providing strong support for wigs, resulting in an elegant appearance.
  • The bronze mold used in manufacturing ensures a high level of quality, with no incomplete dot blocks and excellent filling, resulting in a smooth surface without any pits.
  • These mannequin heads are perfect for displaying various items such as wigs, hats, caps, and glasses. They are suitable for use in stores, shopping malls, and barbershops, offering stability and durability for extended use.
  • Our mannequin heads are the result of a combination of advanced techniques, including plating, die opening, formula development, and makeup application. Each step in the manufacturing process demands a high level of technical expertise.
  • We employ professional technicians and engineers throughout the production process, ensuring that each stage is handled by highly skilled and experienced individuals. As a result, all the model heads produced by our factory can be considered high-quality products.



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