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Ghost Bond XL Waterproof Adhesive 1.3 oz

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Ghost Bond XL Waterproof Adhesive 1.3 oz

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Ghost Bond XL Waterproof Adhesive 1.3 oz

Pro Hair Labs refined their original solution to bring you a specially formulated adhesive. Ghost Bond XL is designed to protect against moisture or sweat and has a higher melting point than traditional wig adhesive solutions no matter how hot it gets.

Ghost Bond XL offers an elegant solution to keep your confidence high and peace of mind intact. Developed by specialist chemists to be incredibly high performance whilst still also kind to your scalp, you can’t go wrong with Ghost Bond XL.

  • Advanced Adhesion Technology- Our adhesive wig glue brings on maximum hold even under the most unfavorable situations, such as excessive sweating, extreme moisture, and high temperatures.
  • Dries Quick & Clear- This classic holding glue is formulated to absorb light and blend with your skin tone, creating an invisible bond after application and leaving your hairline unnoticeable.
  • No Harsh Chemicals- Say goodbye to old hair glues that contain latex or toxic ingredients. Our high-performance clear glue is manufactured under strict standards and rigorously tested to ensure 100% safety.
  • Suitable For Oily Skin- Finally, a hair adhesive is designed to work well with even the most challenging skin types. It masks yellow sebum excretion and protects from natural skin oils or wetness.
  • Shower Safe- Step in the shower without having to worry about your hair system losing its bond. Although our adhesive is water-based, it won’t come off when you shampoo and condition your hair.
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